Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program or HMGP provides grants to states and local governments to implement long-term hazard mitigation measures after a major disaster declaration. The purpose of this program is to prevent the loss of life and property in a natural disaster. FEMA has provided the state of Louisiana with funding for home elevation and individual mitigation measures.

You have 3 options available under The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program:

1. Home Elevation

2. Demolish or Rebuild You Home

3. Individual Mitigation Measures

  • Installing window protection
  • Installing hurricane straps / clips
  • Bolting walls to the foundation
  • Strengthening doors
  • Anchoring propane tanks / heating fuel tanks
  • Elevating electrical panel, HVAC unit, washer/ dryer, furnace and / or water heater
To learn more about this program please contact us here and an elevation specialist will be in touch. 

Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC)

The standard flood insurance policy has a provision that will pay the policy holder to comply with a state or local floodplain management law or ordinance affecting repair or reconstruction of a structure suffering flood damage. Mitigation measures eligible for payments are:

  • Elevation
  • Flood-proofing
  • Relocation
  • Demolition
*or any combination of these measures
Policy holders may receive up to $30,000 under this coverage. The structure must meet certain eligibility criteria, including substantial damage or repetitive loss determination by a local officer.


List of funding options

  • State HMGP OCD-DRU - up to $100,000
  •  Parish level HMGP (Jefferson, Orleans, St Tammany, Terrebone, Lafouche)
  • SRL (Severe Repetitive Loss)
  • Road Home Elevation Incentive – up to $30,000
  • IMMP (Individual Mitigation Measures Program) – up to $7,500 (deadline for applying was March 10, 2010!!)
  • Small Business Administration Mitigation Loans (SBA)