What is Home Elevation?

Elevation means raising the lowest floor of the structure to comply with the FEMA HMGP required height and construction method. The structure is raised with a higher first floor, allowing flood water to flow under the house rather than through it.
What if I have already had my home elevated?

Bridges Construction and Shoring can help lessen the damage in the next storm, we work with the Individual Mitigation Measures such as:
- Installing Windows
- Installing Hurricane Straps / Clips
- Bolting Walls to Foundation
- Strengthening Doors
- Anchoring Propane Tanks / Heating Fuel Tanks
- Elevating Electrical Panels, HVAC units, Washer / Dryer, Furnace / Water Heater. 

However, we are not your average home elevation company- We specialize in all aspects of construction from a home addition to your dream kitchen.
 We Do It All!

What are the different elevation programs available?
Road Home Option 1 participants may be awarded one or more of the three elevation programs:

- The National Flood Insurance Program's Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) program can provide up to $30,000 to eligible policy holders who sustained damage of 50% or more. This program is through the National Flood Insurance Program. Home Owners should contact their flood insurance provider for more information. 

- The Road Home Elevation Incentive Award provides $30,000 ($20,000 for mobile homes) to eligible homeowners as an incentive to elevate their homes to meet the local Base Flood Elevation. These funds are limited to a the specific dollar amount and cannot exceed the Road home $150,000 maximum. For more information about this program contact Bridges Construction and Shoring for more information. 

-The State OCD-DRU Hazard Mitigation Grant Program provides homeowners with up to $100,000 in additional funds to eligible homeowners to elevate their homes to comply with the FEMA required elevation height for the area. Homeowners eligibility is determined by FEMA based on HMGP regulations. 

Why Choose Bridges Construction and Shoring?

We are dedicated to our clients. Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity. Take a look at our finished products and you'll see why so many customers have referred their friends and family. Ask for a client list today, they do the talking!

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